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Useful Information about Maintain Circulating Pump

Le 31 October 2014, 03:58 dans Humeurs 0

When I was a little child, my home had no solar water heater storage tank. At that time if we wanted to have a shower, we had to heat the water by firing some original fuels. It was so troublesome to do like that. With time goes by, thanks for the development of society and technology, there were more and more heater happening. Such like the solar energy heater. As we all know, one problem appeared. Because of human beings’ need, the solar energy heater had been invented. Meanwhile, owing to the solar energy heater, the new problem happened, which was how to maintain solar circulating pump.

By searching on the Internet, we can learn that the solar energy heater can transfer the sun energy into the heat energy, and bring water from low to high temperature. When it comes to this, we should know why the heat collector needs circulating pump. The reason is as follows. On one hand, we should let the low temperature water flow to the heating area in time. At this time, the big differences in temperature can make the low temperature of water rise up quickly. On the other hand, the circulating pump can make sure that the heat is on the control. After knowing its work principle, now let us learn to know how to maintain solar circulating pump.

At first, we should blow down systematically in order to prevent blockage. Besides, it is necessary to clear the water tank to make sure the water clear. Second, it goes without saying that we need to remove the transparent cover board of sun sets container’ dust on a regular basis. What is important is that we should maintain it in the morning or in the evening which can prevent the transparent cover board to be broken.

Third, we should not only clear the solar water heater, but also the reflection plate. Forth, if the endothermic coating of collector is broken, all stents and line need to be painted to prevent corrosion. Fifth, when the circulatory system stop circulating, the collector’ temperature will be high. The reason why this phenomenon happens is the circular tube jam. What is worse, the low temperature water is not enough or the hot water tank water level is lower than circular tube.

In the end, what I want to talk about is the solar geyser, which is an important part for us to use the hot water. There are many kinds of solar geyser. If we want to maintain it, the first thing we should do is to know its style. Different styles have different ways to maintain. You can search on the Internet to get some useful information. I will just introduce some kinds of the Compact solar geyser to you. For example, some solar geyser has brush, while some have no brush.

Some of the Common Solar Water Heater Panel Leakage Solution

Le 24 October 2014, 05:08 dans Humeurs 0

The cause of solar energy water heater leakage has a lot of reasons, now we will introduce to you the causes of solar water heater storage tank leakage and solar water heater panel leakage solution. First check whether because of the seal appeared the damage phenomenon inside the area. led to the solar water heater is leaking, after get the answer, to replace the broken seals with a good seal it is ok. And then you should confirm whether the water tank of the tank welding appeared the cracks or it is damaged, if so we will replace the whole tank. Heat exchanger brace area has weld cracked or damaged will also lead to the solar water heater is leaking, if this situation happened we also should use a new tank to replace the original old water tank.

Another solar hot water heater panel leakage solution is check whether electric heating hole excess stock whether has not been cleaned up and the sealing ring is damaged, we just need to put the electric heating hole excess stock clean or replace the sealing ring is ok. Check whether installation indoors pipe is broken or which installed in the outdoor pipe is broken, when making sure the specific place and then seeking professionals maintenance people who can solve this problem also is a solar water heater panel leakage solution.

From water tank whether with pressure, solar water heater panel can be divided into two types, the non pressure solar geyser and the under pressure solar geyser. the under pressure solar geyser is refers to the water tank closed and running with pressure, isolated from the atmosphere, more commonly used enamel made of, the biggest can bear the pressure from 4 to 8 kg, no water running in the area of the inside, through heat conduction heat the water. Advantages are low maintenance rate, strong water and cold water almost constant pressure. Non pressure solar geyser is made up of two parts: One part is there are a lot of glass compact solar water heater, is double vacuum glass tube, and the vacuum flask glass tank structure is basic the same, only the outer surface of the inner glass coated with a layer of black endothermic layer; The other part is a heat preservation water tank, and the it connects with the lower part of glass heat tube.

Non pressure solar geyser tank has a vent and they are interlinked atmosphere are interlinked each other,it could not be confined to run vacuum tubes and water, by the proportion of hot and cold water cycle on its own to achieve the purpose of heating water. Its advantage is: with the sam evolume of using hot water, heating up is very fast and the Compact solar geyser is a very goog solar water heater panel leakage solution.